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Eidam Management Team

Bernard Armani
President & Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of Eidam Diagnostics Corporation, Bernard Armani brings over 25 years of experience in the natural health industry in Germany and Switzerland to his working relationship with partners in Asia, Europe and North America. Mr. Armani has an extensive background in botanical extraction, oncology, and international trade.

Mr. Armani is also the founder of Dermamed™ Pharmaceutical Inc., and BioLytical Laboratories Inc. In 2005, he received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce (Richmond, BC).

Dr. Michael Kalden, MD
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Kalden is a specialist in the field of oncology and holistic cancer therapy, and has held numerous appointments with leading medical institutions in Germany. Dr. Kalden has used the CRT 2000® Thermographic System as a core part of his cancer detection and treatment monitoring protocol for over 10 years. His areas of expertise also include naturopathy and pain control.

Dr. Kalden is presently the head physician and medical director for the Veramed Hospital at Tannenberg Hospital, which specializes in holistic cancer therapy. He has held this position since 1989. In addition, he has been the co-founder of the Society of Biological Medicine Inc. in Berlin-Meschede and he has headed studies at the Mibeg-Institute, in Cologne, Germany.

Recently, Dr. Kalden has opened a new private surgery center for oncology and naturopathy in the Dortmund Center for Hyperthermia and continues his co-operation with the Panacea Center for Preventative Medicine and Research in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

As Chief Scientific Officer of Eidam Diagnostics, Dr. Kalden is responsible for the continuing development of and medical validity of the CRT 2000® Thermographic System.

Shelley Leonhardt
Senior Vice President

Shelley Leonhardt brings to Eidam a wealth of public sector experience serving the citizens of British Columbia through Board positions at organizations including the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce, the Tourism Richmond Board of Directors, the Gateway Theatre Board of Directors, and the British Columbia Chamber Executives Board.

During her twenty-five year career, Ms. Leonhardt has worked with a wide variety of industry professionals, municipal and provincial officials, and Chamber Executives throughout Canada and the United States to promote and develop both corporate and community interests of British Columbia.

During her tenure as Executive Director of The Richmond Chamber of Commerce between 1993 and 2001, the organization was awarded Chamber of the Year in British Columbia.

In 1998, Ms. Leonhardt received Richmond, B.C.'s highly prestigious Business Woman of the Year award and was nominated for Richmond's Marketer of the Year and Influential Woman in Business awards.

In 1998, Ms. Leonhardt graduated from the Canadian Institute of Organizational Management, University of Western Ontario, The Richard Ivey School of Business (London, Ontario, Canada).

Dr. Sven Richardt
Vice President, European Operations

Dr. Richardt is responsible for Eidam Diagnostics Corporation's European sales and research efforts. A dentist by profession, he has worked with laboratory diagnosis and early detection of disease, including HIV, since 1992.