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Company History


E. Schwamm began researching the use of infrared to measure radiation emanating from the human body and created images from this radiation.


Werner Eidam, founder of Eidam Medizin-Technology GmbH of Germany, collaborated with medical doctor Arno Rost to explore the effects of temperature changes on health conditions over time. The collaboration led to the development of equipment measuring temperature changes on human skin using temperature sensors.


Eidam Medizin-Technologie created the original model of the CRT 2000 which uses regulation thermography to provide information that may be indicative of early stages of irregular body functioning.


September - Capital 21 Holdings Corporation acquires Eidam Medizin-Technologie GmbH, including its intellectual property, technology and manufacturing capabilities.

November – Incorporation of Eidam Diagnostics Corporation and subsequent acquirement of all the intellectual property, technology and manufacturing capabilities from Capital 21 Holdings Corporation.


Currently, in excess of 1500 physicians and healthcare providers use the original CRT 2000. Eidam Diagnostics has since improved the thermographic system’s functionality and presentation.